If the Grocery Store is NACHO Friend…Check out Online Options!


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I am literally gushing with GITTY right now because I just did my first go at online grocery shopping! Yeah Yeah Yeah I know its not necessarily anything new. I actually heard about it from friends and of course online/radio ads but, I just kept putting it off because most of those convenience services don’t extend into the suburbs. So silly me…I was convinced that this was something only available to the City Slicker Moms!

Today, pregnancy had me down and I was soo exhausted. Yup MOMMA down woman in distress. I was desperate, the fridge and pantry was on EMPTY.  A sistah was D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E but NOT desperate enough to ask my hubby to do the shopping for me today. I don’t know about your hubby but mine NEVER EVER EVA gets exactly what’s on the darn list. Even if I write it out, provide brand names, or texts screen shots this man will say something like “Well I found something a little better” or “the store brands taste terrible so I just got this instead”. This absolutely DRIVES me up the wall every time and then I instantly regret ever sending his butt to the darn store in the first place….but I digress!

Sooooo TODAY the lord bestowed a beautiful gift upon me. I discovered by total happenstance that my local Walmart, Kroger, and Publix offers some sort of Online Grocery Service. Of the three the BEST in my personal opinion strictly based on my needs was Publix.  In my area they offer not only curbside pick up BUT actual DOOR service. YES hunty they will deliver ALL your groceries right to your front door! So of course I gave Publix a try. I really wanted to determine if it would be worth my while as far as time, cost, and convenience.

Today, publix.com had a special offer, “first order no delivery charge”. I read that there is an ongoing delivery charge that can be pre-paid annually or you can just opt for the pay as you use option $4.99 per delivery.  There were also some other fees mentioned but let me do you one better….I will just show you my sales receipt.

Check this out :

Items Subtotal $137.68
Sales Tax $4.62
Service $13.77
Total $156.07
First Order Free Delivery!
Savings from Publix $4.64
Savings from Instacart Coupons $0.75

++Your card was temporarily authorized for $185.00 to allow for changes from replacements or special requests. Your statement will reflect a final total charge of $156.07 within 7 business days of order completion.++

This really made my day! It took a total of 2 hours from the time I filled my shopping cart and submitted it to the ringing of my doorbell! I feel like those 2 hours were credited back to my life. I sooo plan to make this apart of my routine adding this expense to the other conveniences I gladly pay to help make my life easier.

As a mom I am learning to accept that I can NOT do it all. I also now acknowledge that sometimes I hold onto things because I feel like letting them go in some way shape or form is dimming the shine on my imaginary badge of “Mommy Honor”. You know that badge moms supposedly earn in the eyes of society for doing the things coined as stuff a “REAL” momma does!?

Yes its hard to STOP being a busy working on everythang all day MOM! Yes it is easy to feel super guilty because you think you have way too many conveniences. But let me tell you, I  decided a long time ago that I will invest in things that preserve my “time” and I will not be made to feel guilty about paying for the conveniences that allow me to do just that!

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