Momma Tip of The Week…

“When in doubt just order the darn thing online!” Sonya-ism (2017)


online shopping

So I must admit I WAS totally that mom who was ANTI anything related to online shopping. I didn’t care if it were shoes, curtains, makeup, clothing, diapers, electronics, or even books. I needed to get in my car, drive some where, provide credit card, swipe card, load the SUV, then drive home! Now doesn’t that just sound like super crazy! HA

My BFF a total corporate-ISH, straight-laced, conservative, yuppy lives by online shopping. I mean you know the type that might actually be allergic to retail stores! Any who she has been telling me for years….”girl get your life together and start shopping online”….SOOOh needless to say I dragged my credit card all the way to the computer monitor and said what the heck. I cant see how the heck I jumped on this boat so late! Hey make no error, I still get my retail therapy ON with a casual trip to Nordstrom’s or Target every now and then. But the difference is that now I don’t do the shop around goose chase from one side of town to the next trying to find that perfect something (usually something that anint even for me) but  I digress. Now my friends, I have seen the light! So when I cant find what I am looking for I no longer yell at the shopping devils and damn them to HELL… instead I say HALLELUJAH while snagging me a little Prime item to go in my shopping cart!

Moms it is that time of the year again—you know Pumpkin Patch, Halloween Costumes, Turkey Day Outfits, Ugly Christmas Sweaters, and Diva New Year’s Outfits. So don’t get caught up in the madness and stress of grinding through retail outlets for hours on end, instead roll through the online check out and save your sanity for the highly anticipated visits from your husbands family!!! HAHAHHAHA >>>>To be clear we talking about YO IN-Laws because I LOVE spending time with mine! LOL LOL LOL

Happy Online Shopping Busy Mommas!






Author: TheMomsGuide

God Family Faith---and in that order! Mid 30's College Dean/Professor by occupation, Wife, Mommy of a 7 year old 4 year old and 4 month old ! A Closet Reality TV Show Watcher, Social Media Junkie, Momaprenuer, Author, Wanna-be brown Martha Stewart and sooo many other things I've probably left off... but you get gist of it. I cringe at the title of supermom, roll my eyes every time I act like #thatmom and secretly envy those who've mastered the art of being soccer moms! All and All I live a sometimes stressful colorful and complicated life but wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

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