I’m BACK: Maternity Leave Lessons


Ari William1

Hey Yall,

Sorry I’ve been gone for soo long BUT I was just bringing this beautiful human into the world…..

Meet Dr. McCheeky, Ari William our newest addition!

As many of you know the final trimester of pregnancy can be a beast literally. On top of him being BIG (8lb 9oz), BREECH, and on my BLADDER; I was still waddling around, working full time while building a budding brand & a jewelry business YIKES ~

Now I’ve been absolutely enjoying “NewbornN” a phrase I’ve coined meaning a mommy doing that newborn life. AKA very little sleeping, eating, or fraternizing! This is a time when we are suppose to just chillax and bond with the wonderful blessing bestowed to us from God–Feeling compelled to do nothing ESPECIALLY WERK!

With each of my children I took time beyond the ridiculously standard 6-8 weeks. I strategically saved leave time and time of year to have (this baby) so that I could maximize time off enjoying not just baby, but my other two children as well. It still baffles me that in the U.S maternity leave lacks practical comparison to other comparable countries. It also baffles me that soo many women are either made to feel or feel they must rush back into the hustle and grind!? No ma’am sit yo butt down as it’s NOT that serious AND I don’t care what level of the corporate ladder you are own even if you the damn CEO! #Bloop

My grandmother use to always say, sit you but down before the lord SAT’s you down. By that she meant don’t be soo focused on standing up in your pride or insatiable desires that you are not modest enough to relax for a bit. BUT for the bossmom who prides herself on her ability to GET IT DONE this is no easy thing.

AND guess what… I totally get it and believe you me this is a “work in progress” pep talk convo that I constantly have with myself. BUT in a world full of glorified #supermoms and #wondermoms I really want more moms to aim for #MVPmom. OKKAY you heard it here first! LOL

In all Seriousness– please take your time, checkout of the office physically and mentally, put email on Do Not Disturb, and give that job the temporary duces (peace sign). Imagine how much more they gon miss and need you when you come back. And not only will you go back refreshed, well rested (hopefully) and happy to return (maybe)…. You will also go IN BADDER than ever!

With all my love and sincerity let’s commit to supporting and pushing each other to focus on self-care and leaning on our villages. In the wake of one of my favorite designers, Kate Spade’s untimely death an Aha came over me. And that is, we must ring the alarm on the unrealistic standards both society and US place on one another. Check on a mom friend today and plan a visit to see her and her bouncing new bundle of joy. Throw in some babysitting hours to help her get some me time!



Author: TheMomsGuide

God Family Faith---and in that order! Mid 30's College Dean/Professor by occupation, Wife, Mommy of a 7 year old 4 year old and 4 month old ! A Closet Reality TV Show Watcher, Social Media Junkie, Momaprenuer, Author, Wanna-be brown Martha Stewart and sooo many other things I've probably left off... but you get gist of it. I cringe at the title of supermom, roll my eyes every time I act like #thatmom and secretly envy those who've mastered the art of being soccer moms! All and All I live a sometimes stressful colorful and complicated life but wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

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