Third Trimester=Nesting While Shopping

Blackwoman shopping

Congratulations You Made it to the final leg of your pregnancy!!!!

God know’s you are ready to POP literally…right?? And now that the Baby Shower is over, the husband is tuning into the local handyman, the moms are worried you STILL doing too much working, and the girlfriends are over the moon with excitement; Your clock is ticking in FULL volume all while you’re obsessing over having it all together! Why, because that baby may literally arrive somewhere between today and 6-8 weeks from now!?

Does this sound familiar??? I bet it Does (Virtual Hand Raised)

At this stage, most of your must haves are checked off the list, many wants shipped in from AMAZON or Pottery Barn PLUS your momma and them already told you “whatever you don’t get at the shower we gon buy”. So why are you STILL in and out them stores LADY?  Why you still got 3 shopping carts saved online…Because you’re nesting!!!

What is Nesting Again…Well it’s suppose to look a lot like this:


Instead it looks like thatwhite road arrow sign


Or maybe this was just ME…NAH it’s also you LOL! As soon-to-be’s we overly stress about having everything in place the minuet that baby enters the world. We pack insanely stuffed hospital bags when half the stuff in it will already be at the darn hospital. We stock up the house with every nook and cranny filled with some I MUST have baby item. Only to get home and realize DAYMN I probably didn’t need all of this stuff!

Yes Girl, I totally over did it with babies #1 and #2 but I am proud to say that with my third child and final child, I got the gist of why my husband had an eternal side eye with me during them final weeks before D-DAY… HA!

Soooo Moms… I would like to personally save you the headache, because I’ve already had one just for you literally three times over! Here are 3 tips just for you:

Three Tips to Modestly Prepare for Baby

  • Baby’s are like a box of Chocolates you never know what you’re gonna get

Make sure you have the list of “top’s for newborns” but only grab a few of each. Why, because you may end up with a bunch of diapers your baby is allergic too OR bottles he hates to suck on, a breast pump that you cant use because things didn’t go as planned or a bunch of newborn clothing for a baby who is born well over 8lbs contrary to what your ultrasound estimate predicted (happens all the time).

Morale of the story here, is some things you just cant call it on so don’t get stuck with a bunch of stuff you cant use or take back to the store.

  • Stay your BUTT off of the baby aisles and websites ONLY selling baby items.

YES! Girlfriend you already know ALL itty bitty newborn stuff is dangerously cute AND you are gonna AWWE and Ouuue yourself right into another credit card bill! Trust me the flesh is weak and mommy’s with baby bumps are even weaker. Thus you will 10000% be tricked into talking yourself into grabbing something you probably don’t need or already got.

Also note that gifts literally come in up until a few months after baby is born. My son is 9 weeks old and it seems like there is a packaged delivered to our home or a gift given by one of my husbands patients at least every other week.

Morale of the story here, items may trickle in from various sources, your momma’s church memeber, your old middle school teacher, your uncles girlfriend, a “missed your babyshower” guest or a “saw this and thought of you” friend. Not implying that you should wait on folks to gift things but what I am saying is, GIRL hold onto to your horses and stay out them storeZEs (LOL)

  • Stop Bugging That Man….You don’t have to have EVERYTHING done TADAY!

NO! YOU DO NOT NEED EVERYTHING PUT TOGETHER, PIECED TOGETHER, OR WASHED TOGETHER…LIKE YESTERDAY. NO, you absolutely do not need each and every star and moon to align PERFECTLY in that baby’s nursery before D-day.

Morale of the story here, that baby will NOT be able to get into that crib, bouncing chair, high chair, bathtub, or walker for a few weeks even months down the road.

PSA: Just Relax and Whosa
Please try to enjoy the downtime you have because that feeling of being “well rested” will be gone before you know it. And whether this is your first baby or last baby you must devote some me time for mental preparation. Understanding that this time is truly God’s blessing and the lesson is, it’s the calm before the STORM!



Author: TheMomsGuide

God Family Faith---and in that order! Mid 30's College Dean/Professor by occupation, Wife, Mommy of a 7 year old 4 year old and 4 month old ! A Closet Reality TV Show Watcher, Social Media Junkie, Momaprenuer, Author, Wanna-be brown Martha Stewart and sooo many other things I've probably left off... but you get gist of it. I cringe at the title of supermom, roll my eyes every time I act like #thatmom and secretly envy those who've mastered the art of being soccer moms! All and All I live a sometimes stressful colorful and complicated life but wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

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