The Eye Glasses Dilemma: Momma in Distress!

So we are ALL in the Eye Doctors Office on Saturday because my 6 year old Addy needs glasses. Mara is cutting up yelling ” I need glasses too mommy I cant see”. Mind you this little girl the 4 year old doesn’t need glasses. But as you all know everything comes in twos when you have two children. Ok so I know you are probably saying, why in the heck did you do this type of shopping with both of them present in the first place? Great question– DAD had this all under control a few months back BUT Long story short I misplaced the old pair trying to spare her from losing them during our family vacation so there I was at the eye doctors office with them.

The glasses dad picked out were the cutest pinkish purple Barbie glasses ever… so I waned to grab the exact same pair and foolishly thought easy-peasy walk in walk out! But NOPE it was anything other than that!  Mara was having a field day trying on all the latest hello kitty, my little pony, care bear glasses she could find. I tried to reason with her “honey you don’t need glasses these are for your sister to help her read her site words and do math problems at school” but she INSISTED, “Mommy I want glasses too so I can see my ABC’s and numbers”. So she and I went around and around and this child was getting more upset by the moment. Nothing I said was a compelling enough line to steer her away from wanting her very own pair of glasses.

Now I feel terrible because every time she sees her sister with her brand new glasses she literally cries! I have been looking into grabbing her a pair of frames just to keep the peace and save Addy from constant fights for HER glasses!

Moms, what would you do? or for those who have been here and done that HELP how can I restore peace in my home LOL?




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